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Valex Amos, Jr. is a personal injury and criminal defense trial lawyer. Mr. Amos and his staff will work hard to achieve the best outcome for his clients.
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The Law Office of Valex Amos, Jr. offer free evaluations in all personal injury cases, for individuals searching for answers to their questions or concerns about their personal injury. Mr. Amos will assist you in obtaining the results you need.
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Valex Amos is a persuasive and aggressive personal inury & criminal defense trial lawyer. He will fight for your rights and defend any criminal charges you may be facing effectively!
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Valex Amos direct and persistent approach has enabled him to successfully represent countless number of individuals through out the past years in areas such as personal injury and criminal defense.

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An Experienced Trial Lawyer

The Law Office of Valex Amos, Jr. is a well-established personal injury and criminal defense trial law office located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Valex Amos has over 20 years of experience representing clients in personal injury and criminal defense cases. Valex Amos will guide you during this difficult time with straightforward legal advice tailored to your individual need. Mr. Amos always looks at the bigger picture and decide what the best course of legal action would be based on the situation that you may be facing. No case is too big or too small for his office to handle! Mr. Amos and his staff are proud to be aggressive advocates for his clients and look forward to assisting you with your personal injury or criminal defense case.

Louisiana Personal Injury Trial Attorney

If you sustained any injury, a life-threatening injury, or a loved one has been killed in an accident that happened due to the negligence of another individual, it is crucial that you search for advice from an experienced personal injury attorney. The Law Office of Valex Amos, Jr. approaches every case with a zealous and constant commitment to win. Valex Amos is focused on representing clients who have been involved in all types of personal injury cases from automobile injury to wrongful death cases. The attorney you choose to represent you could have a significant effect on the outcome of your personal injury case. When it comes to personal injury cases insurance companies have the resources and the desire to fight in order to keep every penny in their pockets. They have very little to no interest in doing what is right. Valex Amos will fight for what is rightfully yours and get you the money you deserve.

Louisiana Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

Are you or a loved one being accused of a criminal offense in the state of Louisiana? Valex Amos is an experienced criminal defense trial attorney who has successfully secured dismissals and reduced charges for his clients. He will provide individualized representation to clients facing serious legal challenges. Valex Amos has the experience and knowledge to help you attain the best possible outcome in your criminal case. Mr. Amos has defended 13 first degree murder cases. All reduced to manslaughter, second degree murder cases, robbery, and many many more. Jury acquittals, dismissals, lesser charges, and plea bargains. You will need a fighter in your corner. An experience trial lawyer who will give you a voice and fighting chance. Remember you are Innocent until proven guilty. Call The Law Offices of Valex Amos, Jr. today for a free case evaluation  at (337) 291-9115!